blog 6

  Well, I survived the DC heat wave. But, really, if you've lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for two years, a DC heat wave is nothing. There were days in Alabama where walking outside for a second prompted instant sweat. I played ultimate frisbee last week with the other Department of State folks. Yes, it was in the heat, and yeah, it was warm. I played decently, save for having a massive cramp in my left hamstring that kind of hampered me for the last half of the game. I also had a gnarly bruise on my left knee from going after a disc and laying out for it. I missed that one. Oh well.
     Work progresses. I'm helping with the normal operation of the office, so that's good. I have not gotten any feedback on the website project, so I'm guessing that's going well. I'm doing a research memo for the legal folks here, and I really need to get rolling on that. I feel like I'll progress on that a lot today.
    Other than that, not too much going on. I made the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal (BORJ), which was my first choice. I'm very happy about that. So, everything from first year is now wrapped up nicely. I also have my second year GRF assignment, and I need to get rolling on filling outmy OCS paperwork so I can look for a job for next summer. Yeah, in the middle of first summer jobs, we have to look for next summer's job. I would like to work for a firm that does appellate advocacy or work for an appellate court. We'll see.
    Anyways, let's see...randomness to end this blog post with....ah, the other day I was walking back to work from lunch, and I saw a random protestor calling for Obama's impeachment. I wandered over to ask what Obama's impeachable offense was, and the protestor responded, "the oil spill". Yeah...not seeing the logic there.