blog 8

  I dunno what happened after the office closed yesterday, but my Raphael magnet has disappeared. That makes me unhappy. I can always make another one.
    Anyways, I've actually been relatively busy the last few days. I suppose the world is getting back to business after the World Cup. I've fielded quite a few arms transfers requests in the past few days, and some of them have been quite interesting. The most pressing one right now is one which can't move forward until the question of insurance proceeds is answered. Normally, net proceeds of the sale of US military goods comes back to the US, but we did not have the insurance policy on this piece of equipment. Hopefully that will be answered in the next few days. I can't reveal specific details about the transfers I'm working on. All I can say is that I'm processing a lot of them.
    I fired off a draft of my memo discussing the differences between excess defense articles (EDA) and sales from stock last week. I should hear back soon from legal about it. It ended up being a decent piece of writing, but I'm afraid I put too much historical context in it. My first draft came back, and L wanted more context. So, I threw a lot more history into it...perhaps too much, but we'll see.
    I took a half day last Friday in order to drive up to Baltimore and surprise my girlfriend. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get to Baltimore for some odd reason. 295 was a mess. But, I got there, and actually, I could not have timed it any more perfectly. I was in the lobby of my girlfriend's building for 30 seconds when she walked off the elevator. So, it was definitely a surprise, and we went to a nice seafood restaurant right on the harbor. It's called the Rusty Scupper; it's a pretty nice place.
    Hopefully it won't storm too much this afternoon. Wednesdays are ultimate frisbee days. Last week, it was ungodly hot. My Mom called as I was walking back to the dorm from playing frisbee, and she told me I was an idiot for playing frisbee in those temperatures. My girlfriend said the same thing. It was still fun, especially after we moved our playing field to the shade.
    Anyways, I should get back to handling a few things. I'm helping some friends move on Friday, so I only have a little bit left this week. It's almost time to be back in Williamsburg, starting school, and getting Ninja back. (Ninja is my cat, who has been staying with my parents this summer.) Wow, I should buy my books....I'll do that today.
    Let's see...randomness....ah...there is a town in Nevada called Pahrump, that is now famous because a local district attorney refuses to press charges against himself after being arrested by the sheriff. The sheriff believes the DA is involved in some sort of embezzling.