First few days

Sorry that I'm a little late on this blog post. My first day of work was last Monday, the 24th. But, I've been busy getting things organized in my dorm room and at work. Plus, I wasn't entirely sure I would be able to post anything after the security orientation sessions. Suffice it to say that you will not be hearing about everything I do this summer.

But anyways, I'm living in a GWU dorm this summer. The nice thing about that is that I'm only a five minute walk away from work. So I can go home for a sandwich for lunch. I'm used to my place in Williamsburg, and I don't have any roommates there. I haven't had roommates for a while, so that's taken some getting used to. I forgot to bring my kitchen gear up from Williamsburg, so I've been spending a small fortune on feeding myself. The next time I go home to the Burg for a bit, I'm bringing some of it back with me.

Well, this blog is for me to tell you what W&M law students do with their summers. I've had an interesting few days with the promise of more fascinating things to come. My first day was full of orientation sessions and meeting many of the other new interns. There were a few interns here from UVA, so of course I talked with them about football. (For you new Tribe fans out there, we beat UVA in Charlottesville last season 26-14. I was there. It was awesome.) There is another W&M law student interning here, but she's in another office.

The folks in my office are very welcoming. I'm working in a small office, and they've put me right to work. I've sat in on a few staff meetings, and I was able to add something to one of the smaller meetings. They were talking about a contract issue, and I will freely admit that contracts was not my best class last semester. But I thought I could throw something relevant into the meeting. It has taken a few days to get technology up and running for me: I had to get a badge and a computer connection, and I won't really be able to contribute too much until I have access to the classified stuff I'll be working on.

So, for now I'm editing the office's website, and it sounds like I'll be helping to write a memo. Not bad for a few days on the job and only one year of law classes. I'll try to post updates in the middle of every week. Perhaps I can also throw in something odd I've seen or heard at the end of these posts. For example, today I heard that Google's Pacman game on the 30th anniversary of the game cost the US 5 million hours in productivity.