Hey ya'll,

My name is Timothy Huffstutter. I am a member of the Class of 2012, which means that I will be a 2-L once I finish these pesky exams. Yeah, it's exams time for us. Our first one is on Wednesday. So, writing an introductory blog post was a good study break away from reading about contracts.

Anyways, I am originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I graduated from William and Mary with a BA in 2007, and I have a MA in history from the University of Alabama.

This summer I will be interning with the Department of State in the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs. I am not entirely sure what all I will be doing. From what I understand, I will be researching the United States' past arms transfers. That's about all I know at present.

Unfortunately, I'll be living in a GWU dorm, which means that I have to take my furry roommate home for the summer. My cat, Ninja, is slightly anti-social, but I like having the little guy around. But, finding a furnished one-bedroom apartment in DC for only three months costs a small fortune. So, the dorm was not a bad option. Some of my W&M classmates will be in the area, too, so that will make the summer better.

Well, I look forward to writing about this summer. But, right nowI must get back to studying.