Favorite Places in NYC


Dear Readers,

Instead of talking about research and work, I will talk about New York City and some of my favorite places.  I guess I will start with places to eat.  I will rank them.

1.    Black Duck on 122 E. 28th St. is a touch expensive.  About 50 dollars a person.  But my absolute favorite place to eat.  The seafood is excellent.  And weekends they have live jazz.  The service is entertaining too!  It really is a special restaurant with great atmosphere.  The last time I went was when I graduated.  I will probably go sometime this summer when my Fiancée gets back from Japan.
2.    Sushi Park/May’s Place on E. 8th St. and 2 ave (I think).  About 15 dollars a person.  My favorite medium eat.  The sushi is half off (although if it was not half off,  the pricing would be ridiculous).  The background music is what a 14 year old teenage girl would listen to.  Service is sometimes lacking.  But the memories I have of this place… The friends I met for dinner with....  That makes this two.
3.    Cafeteria on E. 8th and University.  About 12 dollars a person.  Location location location.  Right next to NYU Cantor.  I was one of the first people to eat here when it opened up.  Awesome Thai food.  Great atmosphere.  Sort of romantic with candles.  And great service.  The lunch and early bird dinner specials are cheaply priced.
4.    Junior’s on E. 42nd and something ave. (it’s in time square).  About 25 dollars a person.  Great dessert.  In fact they have a separate building just for dessert.  This is a great place to eat after finishing a Broadway play or going to Toys R Us.  For me, it’s the latter. 
5.    KFC.  I love KFC. What can I say? 

Okay top 5 places

1.    MOMA.  AMAZING.  I love this place.  After almost every chemistry, organic, biology, molecular cell, physics, and immuno test I would head out to this place to nap.  The artwork is amazing.  And the people you meet are even better.  If there was one painting I could steal from any museum in the world it would be Water Lilies by Monet.  First painting I fell in love with.
2.    Madison Square Garden.  The mecca of basketball.  Hard times have fallen on the Knicks with Isiah Thomas and Stephen Marbury… But this is still wonderful building.  I still believe in the King.
3.    IKEA in Brooklyn.  This will probably sound weird, but the food (Swedish meatballs) is really good.  And there is a free ferry from Seaport to take you here.  A lot of good times!! Haha. 
4.    Broadway!!! I love the plays here.  My favorite five are Spamalot, Rent (RIP), Lion King, Light in the Mezzaine (I think that’s what it is called), and Hairspray. 
5.    University Hall.  Where I spent my Freshman year and many a summer.  Miss this place.

Oh and the pictures for this week. 

Litlte Italy at night-time.  Subway musicians.   Union Square.  And the best burger ever. Don't forget the onion rings.

Little ItalySubwayUnion SquareBurgers