Language Materials

Dear readers,

I thought finding the material on Eritrea-Ethiopia would be the hardest part of the project.  I was wrong.  I found the material.  But organizing it is rather difficult.  A lot of the historic details overlap and creating a category title is difficult.  Further some of the claims also overlap.  It is hard to figure out whether I should group them by claim or importance. 

But okay on to my environmental project with Professor Butler.  I am having a great time finding sources.  There is a lot of international environmental information out there.  There might be too much.  I am currently reading a study by Germany on the affects of land usage.  Germany has created an impressive outline for how all countries could operate their ideas.  It is intuitive.  I will post the paper or attach a link when I finishing editing the final product. 

As for work… I really love it.  I am having a great time learning trademarks.  The one thing I noticed about international trademarks is when a company wants one trademark they often end up ordering ten or more.  If Company A wants a trademark “Company A” in China it will register for “Company A”, “Company A in China”, “Company A Inc”, “Company A (in Chinese characters)”, “Company (a word that would translate into A)”, and other forms.  In China, registering for a trademark is simpler than a patent.  However, the volume of trademarks at our office outweighs patents. 

Okay on to my language lessons.  I am trying to brush up on French and Chinese.  I am also trying to learn Japanese from scratch.  Learning a language is very difficult after work, because all I want to do is to watch food network.  But Japanese is actually a lot easier to begin learning than Chinese.  First off Japan has two alphabets.  They are mirror images of each other, so it is easy to learn.  And there are no TONES!  In Mandarin there are four tones and it drives people crazy.  The same Ma can have multiple meanings when pronounced differently.  I try to do a Chinese and Japanese lesson one of these posts. 

Take care,