Learning International Legal Research

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For the past two semesters I worked along side William and Mary Professor Koch.  It is an incredible experience.  Professor Koch is an expert on the European Union and International Law.  Spring semester 2010, I worked on fact finding for a Global Administration Law project.  Because Global Administration Law is so new, there was limited research available.   A brief detail of GAL follows. 

GAL encourages the understandings that promote or otherwise affect the accountability of GAL bodies, in particular by ensuring that these bodies meet adequate standards of transparency, participation, rationality, and legality, and by providing effective review of the rules and decisions these bodies make.  The category of global administrative bodies includes intergovernmental institutions, informal intergovernmental networks, and national governmental institutions when acting in distributed transnational administration, hybrid public private bodies engaged in transnational administration, and most contentiously purely private bodies performing public roles in transnational administration. 

I am still working on a GAL paper.  I will update my readers on interesting tidbits.

Currently I am at my dorm reading and editing a wonderful book by William and Mary Professor Combs.  Professor Combs’ book is based on international trials with a focus on Rwanda.  She vividly describes international figures: Nallo and Tadic.  The book offers incite to how International Tribunals work.  It truly is an incredible experience to work with her this summer. 

As a side note I am honing my international research skills.  I would like to share some of the tools I have found useful.

WorldLII is a wonderfully broad website: http://www.worldii.org
Intute: Law is a great search engine: http://www.intute.ac.uk/law/
Kroc Institute for international Peace Studies: http://kroc.nd.edu
And my favorite: Globalex: http://www.nyulawglobal.org/globalex/index.html

My next update will be Wednesday night when I am home in New York, the international capital of the world. 

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