Updates and the Bilski case

Dear Readers,

Some research updates.  The Eritrea Ethiopia research is going well.  I created a viable data base.  The project is a lot of fun.  Most the database comes from online journals and articles.  There have not been any significant books or book chapters dedicated to the EECC.  It is a great topic for Professor Combs to write a book about.  The EECC has done an excellent job balancing claims but improvements can be made in many areas.  Some of the suggested improvements from the both sides are logical and easy to put in place. 

The Con law project is picking up.  I am excited for the final paper. 

Recently I went back over the GAL paper for Professor Koch.  I have not looked at the research for two months but already the landscape is changing.  GAL is exciting in the same way my major (biology) is; it is constantly changing.  GAL never sits still and a huge development can happen anytime.  It would be a good idea for me to keep up with it this summer because I will be working for Professor Koch next year.  I am very excited to continue working with him. 

The research for the scale of land use project is going well.  I am still stuck making sense of Germany’s land use policies.  It might be that the German government is structured in such a way that certain policies work for Germany. 

Oh and I update the SIPS website throughout the summer.  I was editing it and felt sort of bad that no new posts are added in the summer months.  I am working on an international patent segment on U.S., China, Japan, and European patent process.   I already finished the China three part addition which is now on the website.  I might not be able to finish the U.S. edition until I write about the June 28th Biliski case that was just decided.  I am putting a lot of work on that case and just got off a phone conference by two IP experts on what this decisions means. 

Take Care,