Work Work Work

Dear Readers,

Currently, I am swamped in due dates and forms.  The key to patents is creating forms that you can use over and over again with slight modifications.  Creating these original forms is a tedious process.  Once the forms are made perfect, you can just alter the dates and companies.  Designing a brand new form would be too time consuming and prone to mistakes.  However, any mistake on your original form will lead to a mistake on subsequent forms.  This system works best for patents and trademarks. 

Patents and trademarks are about apt responses.  Clients appreciate rapid responses by email and letter.  The whole business runs on exchanging information.  And there are a lot of possible bottlenecks.  But if you are organized and prepare for the next day you will be fine.  Just about every night I have some “homework” to finish by the next morning.  A large part of this is due to the fact that the Beijing office runs on a 12 hour difference. 

Research has been lots of fun.  I really enjoy long term projects.  And I enjoy learning about all forms of law.  That is why I am so happy to be working on three completely different projects this summer.  It also means I spend a lot of time in the library with law students preparing for their bar exams.  Whew.  At least I am not one of them. 

My blog is sort of just work work work.  So I will try to add a few interesting stories.  Yesterday, I took the day off to explore New York.  I went to several of my favorite parks.  Union Square park which is relatively close to where I live, Washington Square Park which is my favorite, and Battery City Park which is where I spent a lot of time Senior year.  The parks are really incredible places to read a book.  My book of choice?  Harry Potter of course in preparation for the next movie. 

Now picture slide show.

Washington Square Park

Madison Square Garden

One Penn Plaza View

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Tony Guo. also my IP China post is now on the William and Marry Student Intellectual Property Website.  Check it out here.