Goodbye Michigan

Today is the day I leave for Beijing. Today is also my birthday.

I'm sitting here on my bedroom floor replaying the weeks that led up to today. How did I still manage to leave a few things on my to-do list until the last minute? I could blame it on the holiday weekend. I could blame it on the friends and family that have visited for days to say goodbye until December, to wish me luck on my journey, and to wish me a happy 25th. But, like I've learned as a law student, it doesn't do much to dwell on why it isn't done yet, all that matters is that things do finally get done by the deadline.  Suitcases packed? Check. Devices charged? Praying that I can make up for my lack of sleep on the following plane rides? Cheeeck.

I am very excited to meet my fellow interns that I have had a chance to correspond with already. They seem really friendly and the ones that are already in Beijing have been very helpful. Talking with them via email and Facebook have done a lot to ease my nerves. Sure, this isn't my first time abroad. It isn't even my first time going to Beijing. But this will be my first time travelling abroad alone and staying for more than a few weeks in an intern capacity. My nervous energy is slowly being transformed into complete excitement.

My mother is struggling to close my last suitcase-- so that's my cue. Hopefully by my next post, I can tell you a little more about my background and about the topic I will be researching at ZPIL.

But for now...再見。