Back to Cambo

In the air again, flying to the place that continues to call me back. I know what I will encounter when I cross the border into Poipet, Cambodia, from the train I will take from Bangkok: stifling heat, honking horns, loud music and voices, bright colors, construction and pungent smells. Cambodia is always an exciting, sometimes overwhelming place to live. This time, I will live there for an entire year.

It’s been a long few weeks. I found out that I received the National Security Education Program’s Boren Fellowship last Tuesday, took the last exam of my 2L year on Friday, held a going away party on Saturday, drove from Virginia to Idaho on Sunday, and today, nine days later, I am on my flight to Bangkok. I definitely have not had a moment to realize that I am leaving America for an entire year.

For three months, I will work as an intern for the United Nations ( Then, until May 2013, I will serve as a Boren Fellow for the National Security Education Program ( I’ll give you more details on both of these amazing opportunities in my upcoming entries. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you!