A Day in Pictures

Since arriving in Cambodia, I have shared pictures and stories with families and friends of the exciting, the beautiful, the unexpected etc. Most people, myself included, forget to focus on one of the most important aspects of life in a foreign country: the daily routine. I believe the best way to explain my daily routine is by showing you. 

house  monks

       Padlocked the gate and now I'm on my way             Local Monks from Wat Botum, which is directly

across from the house

19  construction workers

 Street food at the corner of 19th Street  Construction workers


The men have gathered to watch T.V.       The typical traffic jam at intersections

pp   kfc

Rows of tuk tuks and motos KFC on the corner near work with the delivery

they no longer ask if I want a ride motos out front

because they see me walk by everday

coco   traffic

Fresh coconut vendors are everywhere  Wait for it.....Wait for it..... Go!

ewmi   ewmi  

EWMI Office Office Gate

office   moto

Another late night in the office Rare moto ride because I'm late to meet a friend for dinner,

otherwise I walk everywhere

food   food

Vietnamese and Khmer Restaurant Clean plates after a great Vietnamese tapas style dinner