Get Lost

I lack all sense of direction. Usually my GPS is my best friend, and in the Hague I am missing my best friend. Exasperating my lack of direction is the fact that the streets in the city cut, curve and end suddenly. It legitimately took me two weeks to make it to work and home without getting lost. I would be riding my bike and then all of a sudden I would be in a part of the city I did not recognize. The proble with me getting lost on my to work is that the route is pretty much a straight road with only two curves. It kind of made me look foolish showing up to work everyday and having to admit that I once again got lost. 

However, getting lost for those two weeks were actually a blessing in disguise. The Hague is a small and safe city, so I was never in any really danger. But now that I spent a lot of time riding around the city I am a Hague expert. I can find my way home and to work without any problem. On top the basics of getting to and from places, I now know the city better than I really should. I have gotten to see parts of the city that I may not have seen. I truely reccommend just getting lost. It has been the best way to acclimate my self to the Hague.