Extracurricular Activities!

I thought that I would focus this week on some of the fun extracurricular activities I have embarked upon since arriving. This post should be more fun since it will include lots of pictures! YAY!

My first night out I met up with one of my little sister Madeleine’s best friends from Tulane, Ms. Rachel Bain. Rachel has been living in Argentina for the past year, and so she was the perfect person to introduce me to the city, as well as lots of Argentinians. She took me to a lovely swanky night club. In Spain my friends called me “pija”, in the states I am affectionately referred to as “bougie”, and apparently Argentina is where I fit in best because the majority of the clubs here are “cheto.”

Rachel also took me down to the feria that happens every week. Multiple streets are lined with vendors selling everything from handmade leather goods to flavored popcorn.











One of my favorite stalls sold bags made from old records, but maybe just because the “artist” was such a character.

After the fair we split a bottle of wine and had a picada for dinner. I have to say that compared to the cured meats and cheeses I ate almost daily in Spain, I was quite as enthusiastic about it as Rachel, but still pretty delicious. And I am quite satisfied to be in a country once again that sells excellent wines for an extremely “reasonable” price. 


The next weekend we went to a costume party, where we spent about three times as long getting ready than we did at the actual party. I dressed as Effie Trinkett from the Hunger Games, although there isn’t a great picture of my insane make-up. Rachel was Alex from Flashdance. In our group we also had a Marilyn Monroe, Pocahantas, and Frida Kahlo.


I had the opportunity to attend my first asado, and the company was as wonderful as the food. The evening included the singing of traditional folk songs from las pampas, lots of wine, and dress up time for the puppies.

ribs singing

Before the Asado, we went to the 400-year anniversary of the Universidad Nacional Cordoba, where I had my first taste of Fernet con Coca (Cola) the typical drink of Cordoba. You can see my reaction below. 

fernet 1fernet 2