Getting Ready & the First Day

So it finally arrived, the first day of my internship with the National Center for State Courts, International Programs Division. It's been a hectic week getting to this point, but I've made it. So for the time being at least, I can take a breath. 

After spending the past week running errands in Williamsburg, all while crashing on a friend's couch, I had the pleasure of spending an inordinate amount of time on I-64 this past weekend. A friend from college got married on Saturday, so I had to drive the 9 hours from Williamsburg to Louisville on Friday, only to drive another 9 hours back to Washington D.C. on Sunday. Oh well, it's what we do for friends right? I'm now in Washington, where I'll crash on my cousin's couch (sensing a theme here?) for the next week until I can move into my summer apartment.

Luckily that craziness is now behind me, and as of today I've begun my internship in Arlington. For the past few weeks I've been very excited about getting to start this experience. While surviving the stress and exhaustion of exams and JJC, moving up to D.C. to work at NCSC has been the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Once Tim and I spoke about the description of my internship, I've been excited about all that I will get to experience this summer. My internship with NCSC International will incorporate 3 main areas. First, I will help with the proposal and development of the rule of law programs which NCSC implements in countries around the world. Second, I will work with the transactional componenet of NCSC and the different contracts that NCSC uses and enters into. Third, I will get experience working from the perspective of the organization's legal counsel, dealing with issues such as employment law. On top of this, Tim is including various educational sessions and trips around D.C. into the internship, which I think will enhance the experience and allow me to learn and improve the most.  I will also be working some with Amanda, another intern from William & Mary, which offers a sense of camaraderie to the experience.  

Today I got my first taste of my summer work. There is not much yet to report on, since most of my day was spent getting oriented with the internship and the organization. I did, though, get my first assignment only 37 minutes after arriving, which I have to believe is close to a record. I also have my own office, which adds a nice feeling of professionalism and formality.

Now the fun begins... wish me luck!