Boulders Beach and the African Penguin

Native of South Africa and Namibia, the endangered African Penguin has many names. Including the Black-footed Penguin and, more commonly, the “Jackass” Penguin because of its loud braying call. And lucky for me, I got to see a colony of them at Boulders Beach, by Simon’s Town. It took us a fifty minute train ride from Rondebosch to Simon’s Town and a short walk from there to the penguin colony at Boulders Beach. After purchasing our tickets, we chose to take the lower boardwalk first, which leads all the way to the beach where the penguins go to catch fish. Unfortunately, when we got there, all they wanted to do was nap. A couple more daring ones came pretty close, but then quickly disappeared under the boardwalk. The upper boardwalk cut through the reserve and lead to a secluded beach with white sand and enclosed by boulders that are said to be 540 million years old. I would have loved to stay there longer and watch the sunset, but sadly, we had to head back early to catch the last train leaving for Rondebosch. Next time, I'll rent a car. Driving on the opposite side of the road would be an adventure on its own.