Gowri Janakiramanan

Gowri Janakiramanan (International Finance Corporation)

Gowri Janakiramanan

Gowri is a 2010 graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, where she concentrated in Theatre and Development Studies. She will be entering her third year at William & Mary Law School in the fall of 2013.

There is a certain inevitability to Gowri's interest in international relations; born in Albany, New York, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia when she was five and to Singapore when she was nine, where she lived until coming back to the United States for college. As an undergraduate at Sarah Lawrence, Gowri's interests veered towards South Asian issues, writing theses on the nature of Indian colonialism and issues surrounding the Sri Lankan post-conflict refugee crisis.

At William & Mary Law School, Gowri is focusing on practicing in the field of international business law. To that end, she will be interning this summer at the Legal Department of the International Finance Corporation's New Delhi Field Office, and will be helping with their South Asian advisory services as well as various loan disbursements and equity issues.