Bienvenue a Geneve

After a flight cancellation (NEVER flying with TAP Portugal again), a rebooking, and a mad dash across the airport during my short layover in London, I am finally in Geneva!

It's been gloomy with lots of rain, but even with dark skies, Geneva is beautiful. My apartment is across the lake from the International Bridges to Justice office, so I get to stroll along the pier every morning and afternoon. I was already excited to work for IBJ but now I am excited to WALK to work every day.

It is day three and I haven't gone grocery shopping yet. There are pâtisseries filled with delicious croissants and pain au chocolat on every street so there's not much motivation to buy real food. Also as a nice little bonus, every time I go into a shop, I'm forced to practice my French!

Work has been interesting. On my first day, I discovered that the IBJ office is a few floors under the office of an organization called World Learning. When I was 16, I signed up for a World Learning summer program in Thailand. I volunteered at a rural school and lived with an amazing host family. It was during my World Learning trip that I first became interested in human rights law. The organization responsible for my career aspirations and my first human rights law job are in the same building. Full circle, right? It was meant to be.

Lake Geneva