Make a Wish!

My boss Karen had a BBQ last weekend for everyone in the office. We all went on a mini nature hike to a lake near her house and she told us a story. The lake, she claimed, is spiritually unique. If you take some natural clay from the shoreline and shape it into an object that represents a wish, the wish will come true. Everyone took some clay and got to work. The results looked like a display in a preschool art classroom, but everyone managed to make something.

I was the last to finish.

I was thinking. And thinking. And thinking. But nothing came to mind. I didn't have any wishes I wanted to make because I didn't need any wishes to come true. I had a great year and I'm optimistic that if I keep working hard, everything can only get better. I felt like I needed to leave the lake mojo alone for someone who really needed it.

I shaped my clay into a ball and threw it into the air. When it hit the water with a small splash, I made a wish. It was a wish for everyone in the world to have their wishes come true. I doubt the lake is spiritually unique enough to manage that wish, but just in case, make a wish!