Returning Home for the First Time

Last weekend, I met my family in Morocco. My mom was born and raised in Marrakech, but she hasn't been back since she left for college. Since I was in Europe this summer, she figured it was the perfect excuse to go back and show us the monuments of her childhood.

We stayed at this incredible hotel called Dar Ayniwen. It has a huge pool, gorgeous gardens, and a private chef who cooks the most amazing food I have ever tasted. Dar Ayniwen was definitely a nice change from my small Swiss apartment. It was like living at the King's palace for the week!

Although I have never been to Marrakech, everything seemed strangely familiar: the colorful tiles, the intricate rugs, even the food! Growing up, my house was full of hidden Moroccan culture.

Seeing an entire country decorated like my living room made me feel like I was returning home for the first time. It was hard to say goodbye, but I know that someday I'll go back.