Life in China

Greetings from China!

I planned to write several days ago, however, work at Zhicheng Public Interest Law Firm has kept me quite busy (not that I am complaining!). Indeed, I arrived in Beijing last Tuesday and started working on Wednesday. Currently my work focuses on civil society initiatives in China (more on that later) and comparative disabilitiy studies (more on that later as well). It's really great work and I am so fortunate to work at such an interesting Chinese NGO. On Friday my coworkers practically had to force me out the door because I stayed past the end of work and they wanted to go home.

Outside of my work with Zhicheng, I have spent the past week struggling to get over  jetlag. Normally I am not such a baby regarding the resetting of my internal clock. For whatever reason, I really struggled this time to adjust to life on the other side of the world. I felt like a complete zombie for the past few days and am only now free from the constant urge to take a nap.

Alright, I am about to ride bikes through Beijing to a park called yuanbuyuan park. Today is a cool summer day and I am really looking forward to this adventure. Please continue following this blog for updates regarding my time in Beijing. I promise that subsequent posts will be longer and more in depth.