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Kelsey Baack

Law Institute of Lithuania (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Kelsey Baack is originally from Nebraska and completed her undergraduate studies at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Before coming to William & Mary Law School she worked as a sustainability analyst for the City of Atlanta, a research analyst for the City of Boston's City Council, and served as a NNEMS Fellow for the EPA in the division of Air Quality Standards.
Over the summer Kelsey will be working at the Lithuania Law Institute in Vilnius, Lithuania.  The Law Institute of Lithuania, founded in 1991, is a research establishment that seeks to research and reform the legal system in Lithuania and realign it with the economic and social goals of Lithuania.  She will be working with the European Commission's 7th framework Programme for Research and Technological Development on their project for New European Crimes and Trust-Based Policy.  In addition, she will be working on projects related to the Baltic Criminological Conference on "Criminology as Vocation and Profession".