Markets and Mackerels

Every Saturday morning, local chefs and artisans gather at the Old Biscuit Mill, an abandoned historical landmark, to sell their savory foods and unique goods. Meghan and I joined Kate and Stefanos, friends we met at the hostel, to visit the market. Even on a cold, dreary day the market was teeming with visitors. The diverse crowd could choose from an even more diverse offering of food stalls ranging from sandwiches and smoothies to craft beer, Indian curries, Chinese dumplings, paella and sangria, to traditional Italian focaccia. The market is geared toward tourists and the more affluent locals, and the prices definitely reflected that target demographic. But the food was definitely worth it!

After eating our fill at the market, we made our way toward the waterfront to visit the Two Oceans Aquarium, a popular attraction that boasts marine life from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Among the biggest crowd-pleaser is the penguins exhibit that houses several different types of penguins ranging from the African penguin to the Macaroni penguin. The aquarium also has a variety of fish that are native to South African waters, and can only be found here. 

Meghan and Kate at the Old Biscuit MillWe bought food from three different stalls and split the spoils: Falafel, noodles, and dumplingsA Macaroni penguin rescued by the aquarium