Daily Operations

It has been awhile since I have given an update on the daily operations of the office. Although I am unable to provide details, I can give a summary of the type of work I am doing in various countries. Currently there are three interns in the criminal justice program and we will be getting two more sometime in July. The other two interns working with me are first year law students and although we are working on different projects we collaborate and assist each other daily. They are amazing women and it has been a pleasure to work and collaborate with them thus far. 

A month into my internship I have been working on various projects. The first project I did (an ongoing project) involves reviewing the establishment of specialized chambers for the prosecution of war crimes in various countries throughout the world. Each of the interns were assigned a country to research and write a paper on to be compiled into a comprehensive report. I have also been assigned to research and write a report on various witness protection programs throughout the world. In addition to these two projects, the interns are sometimes asked to research urgents topics or questions or look up court decisions from the ICTY or ICTR and analyze the court's decision. The work has been extremely interesting. I have researched in French and Spanish and have broadened my understanding of criminal justice issues throughout the world.