The World Cup

New York City during the World Cup is an amazing experience. During games (and not just the USA games) the streets are full of fans doning jerseys and the colors of their team. The ICTJ is also an exciting place. With many of the associates and interns from foreign countries the office is buzzing with game updates and you can sometimes hear cheering coming from an office when a team scores. When there are games playing during the lunch hour or after work a group of interns will get together a go watch the games at a local restuarant or bar. Sometimes will venture to the infamous Stone Street, a row of restuarants with outdoor seating, and watch the games on TVs outside. Stone Street is always packed during World Cup games and the energy is all consuming as fans of every ethnicity cheer for their favorite teams. It is a great way to end the work day, spend time with fellow interns and enjoy New York City in the summer. 

Stone Street

Stone Street during a USA Game!