Saying Goodbye

Today I am leaving Padang to meet up with my mother and sister for a week long vacation in Bali before returning to the U.S. This morning, Prof. told me that he couldn’t tell if I was excited or sad to be leaving. In truth it’s both, but probably more of the latter.

My experiences in Indonesia have been beyond incredible. Naturally, I’ve learned a ton about Indonesian law. I came to this country knowing little to nothing, and I’m walking away feeling personally invested in their political and constitutional development. I’ve also undergone a personal transformation… I’ve gained a new sense of independence, I’ve expanded my culinary horizons (if you don’t have a weak stomach, feel free to ask me about the details), and I’ve learned more about what I want out of life.

Perhaps more importantly, I’ve acquired some wonderful friends, and a new family who treated me like I was one of their own. As we drove Aisyah to her new boarding school the other day (which is a 2.5 hour drive), Prof. said to me, “this week, we lose two daughters”. I’ve promised to come back as soon as time allows, but in the meantime, I will miss this wonderful family and all of the great experiences we shared together. So thank you Prof., Celok, Mama, Papa, Zhauri, Yahyah, and all of my nieces and nephews for the memories that you have given me. I will be forever grateful.