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Nadia Abramson

ABA Rule of Law Initiative (Rabat, Morocco)


Nadia was born in South Florida, but is a first-generation American--her dad is from Canada and her mom is from Morocco. Nadia went to school in Montreal, Canada at McGill University and double majored in political science, with an emphasis on international relations, and English literature. She also studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia while at McGill. In the future, she wants to work on post-conflict reconstruction projects from a legal perspective (war crimes prosecutions, police reform, rebuilding the rule of law). International human rights issues have been her passion for as long as Nadia can remember.

At the Rule of Law Initiative field office in Morocco, Nadia will be working on anti-corruption initiatives for the Moroccan court system. To promote public integrity in the courts, the Rule of Law Initiative works with local legal professionals to introduce meaningful legislative reform. In addition, Nadia will be working on projects aimed at supporting Moroccan women in the legal profession, as well as women's rights concerns generally in the legal system.