Week 6 at US Institute of Peace

Well last week was a short one at work because of our nation's independence day! 

I'm still awaiting approval on the past 2 blogs I wrote, so in the mean time I have been making excellent progress on my overarching Afghanistan country page assignment. I am close to completing my preliminary revisions/additions to the site regarding Afghanistan's background information, conflict, government structure, justice system, laws, assessments and strategies, international assistance providers, and news. I can't show you that work until it's approved and uploaded to the INPROL site, so I'm sorry I can't show you much!

Here are 2 really interesting USIP Peace Briefs on Afghanistan:



Here are some links to news on Afghan election results:





A new program assistant joined the INPROL team, and she seems like a wonderful contribution to the team. We had a staff-wide Rule of Law meeting and discussed some internal changes to the Center, as well as funding concerns for the Institute as Congress makes its annual budgetary considerations. USIP seems optimistic that it will continue functioning and contributing to our national security and democracy, rule of law, and governance development abroad.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July celebration! I had a great weekend in the city with law school friends.