A Caribbean Vacation

Recently I have, had a little break from the inner workings of running a rule of law project. Instead I have been doing a lot of research that has made me think that it would be very helpful if I had taken a criminal procedure class as well as civil. Maybe instead of torts?

Specifically, I have been helping one of the other program mangers in the NCSC office work on a proposal for a juvenile justice project in Trinidad and Tobago. Part of the project involved doing a little research on some recent changes to the law,  and the criminal procedure for juvenile offenders in T&T. It was an interest experience.

Not just in T&T but across the Caribbean there have been a lot of lapses in dealing with juvenile offenders. There is a lack of facilities, courts, and trained staff to handle juvenile offenders so young arrestees can end up in prison with the general population.

In the past few years T&T has pasted a new laws to change the procedure for dealing with youth offenders. T&T has also create a Children’s Authority to try to reach at risk youth before the enter the criminal justice system, as well to try to prevent recidivism of youth offenders. 

All throughout the research I realized that I actually know very about our own criminal procedure, and juvenile justice systems. I suppose that is what next year is for.

Trinidad Flag