Yako: Courage, get well soon, feel better .

Yako, A word that I heard all too often during my first week and a half here. You see, I had one personal goal when I was coming here: do not get sick.  Prior to leaving, I visited a very busy nurse—who  had given shots to just about everyone in Williamsburg going abroad—and heard every existing possibility of illnesses that I could possibly contract while here. So, I made a personal decision, if I could help it at all, not to get sick.

That went down the drain the second day I got here. My tonsils were swollen and I was in pain. I spent the whole week thinking it would get better the next day.  When I realized I was missing out on trying new foods because of my pain, I finally decided to go to the pharmacy. I had Tonsilitis. Yako. I was not feeling well. Yako. I would have to rest up, drink plenty of fluids and take more medication. Yako. But the « Yako(s) » from my co-workers worked ! In a few days, I was up and running again, ready to work.

The next big thing to tackle would be a seminar for court clerks and  to discuss the administration of justice in their respective courts. Members of the Ivorian government and Clerks from all over the country would descend on our office to learn about the law on judicial assistance and how citizens of their towns and cities could apply if their funds were insufficient for legal fees or for an attorney.