This is my second to last week in Shanghai. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to the great people and wonderful experiences I have had here. I'll save the nostalgia for another post, though.

Last week I got to wade into the frightening ground of IP protection in China. To give you a little context, my mentor here at the firm assigned me to do some research on a client's potential entry into the China market. This client, a major producer of green-energy technology, was very concerned about the prospect of IP leakage in any potential Sino-Foreign transactions.

After I made my report on the outcome of my research, my mentor, asked me to stay late to sit in on a client phone call (part of the trouble with doing business on the other side of the world is the time difference). The phone call, although it sounds a bit mundane, was actually quite fascinating. I was able to learn a lot about the tone and substance of what our attorneys say to clients. It was a very good experience and I feel like I learned quite a bit about the service side of the legal industry.

After doing the research and listening to the clients needs and concerns, my mentor tasked me with drafting an agreement for the client's prospective Sino-foreign transactions. The contract drafting was difficult at first, but after a few clauses it seemed to go faster and faster. That, too, was an incredibly interesting experience.

This is my final week, and I am dreading both leaving and the panic-crunch to finish all of my projects before I leave.