Despite my seemingly extensive traveling in Myanmar, after nearly one month, I had yet to travel somewhere in the country for myself. Given my strict schedule, I knew that my free time would be limited, so I did some research on the one place I wanted to go the most—I settled on Bagan.

Bagan is actually in the region of Mandalay, so I chose to go there before heading back to Yangon from Mandalay city. The 26 square mile area is known for its vast array of temples, which were built primarily by kings between 1057 and 1287. Today, roughly 2,230 of the original 4,450 temples survive. Most are beautifully preserved or have been restored by UNESCO, and many contain frescoes, carvings and statues of Buddha. BD and I had an awesome time riding from temple to temple on our dinky little moped (known here as an e-bike), despite the sweltering heat and the precarious desert sands. Below are two of my favorite pictures from our trip.

Desert of Bagan

Sunset in Bagan