Week 11: Goodbye to GAIN and Atlanta

“Life is all beginnings and ends. Nothing stays the same..;”
― Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

            Last summer while I was interning in Cape Town, South Africa, I read the novel, The Power of One, by South African novelist, Bryce Courtenay. The quote above came to mind today because I cannot believe that this is the last week of my internship with GAIN and the end of my time in Atlanta. It has been a wonderful summer and I am so grateful to have met many of the incredible clients GAIN serves. I am even more grateful to have met and worked with GAIN’s talented and passionate staff: Martha Revelo and Bardo Galica, GAIN’s Spanish Interpreter Interns; Monica Modi Khant, GAIN’s Executive Director; Alpa Amin, GAIN’s Immigrant Victims of Violence Attorney; Madeline Hall, GAIN’s Office and Development Coordinator; and William  Hoffmann, GAIN’s Senior Counsel.  Thank you all for making this such a great learning and work experience.  I have learned so much about immigration and asylum law, working with culturally diverse and traumatized clients, non-profit and pro bono legal work, and the Atlanta legal community. I also have learned that even if I do not end up working in the field of immigration, I do hope to volunteer my time in the future to humanitarian immigration cases like T and U visa and asylum applications.  It is difficult to say goodbye, but I hope it is just a goodbye for now!   

Last Look at 1180 Peachtree: GAIN’s Office

1180 Peachtree Street