One Month at NCSC

Today marks a little over one month that I've been here at NCSC. The dynamic has definitely changed as I've gotten more comfortable and have begun to understand how the office works.

Most of the communication between colleagues goes on through email, so it can get quiet in the office. However, for the most part, everyone knows what everyone else is working on. I typically get my assignments from 2 people, but I have to collaborate with many others in order to complete my assignments. For example, I had to update the NCSC Corporate Registry to make sure all projects had updated information (i.e. date of registration and filings, local legal counsel contact information, and whether projects are still active). In order to do that, I had to reach out to each project manager in the office who oversees each international project.

I like the level of autonomy I receive here as it allows me to reach out to others to ask questions when I need to, but I am also given time to complete projects and figure out some things on my own. When I am given an assignment, it clearly lays out what I need to do and gives me a deadline. What is done in between depends on how I choose to go about it, which is nice because I am able to see what works best for what type of assignment.

I am still loving the DC area. Two good friends of mine were able to visit over the weekend - one of which I had not seen since I graduated college. We went to the Library of Congress, where we saw first editions of books like "Common Sense" and saw Thomas Jefferson's library. We then went to Newseum, a museum on journalism and the media. I also discovered my now favorite restaurant in DC - "Shouk."

Common Sense

I will continue to explore the local surroundings here as I want to come back to this area next summer and beyond. It is great to get acclimated to a new geographic area to know whether or not this is somewhere I want to end up.