Week 8: Back in Phnom Penh and Photos

After returning from my vacation I had a relatively slow week (half week) at work. Ive been continuing to work on updating and verifying IBJ’s salesforce workbooks and looking into potential donors. There has been some great progress in our search for funding but we need to always chase down new potential avenues for help. To that end I will attend an event sponsored by USAID aimed at providing grants for development innovations to see if our use of salesforce could qualify us for a grant. 

Given that there was not too much to write about this week I decided to go back and upload some of the pictures that Ive been meaning to do before. They will be in chronological order and will show many of the work and travels previously mentioned in the blog. 


This was the first street law session I attended in Battambang province. It was presented by Ouk Kalyan (far right) IBJ’s Provincial Lawyer, a representative of the police and a community leader seen sitting with her. As mentioned before these sessions were half lecture and half question and answer and were put on to inform citizens of their rights.    


After finishing our street law session in Battambang the four interns and Mrs. Chandyna visited a local temple nearby. It was a fun climb up and we had a great lunch afterwards overlooking a pond. 


This is Nop Kunthol IBJ's Provential Lawyer in Banteay Meanchey, she helped provide details for our first success story and put on street law session as well (pictured below). 



View from inside Angkor Wat complex. Jenessy and I spent the weekend in Siem Reap on our way back from the street law programs in the provinces. The stairs were very intimidating, from the top of them it looked almost like a comeplete drop. 


Stone relief on the side of a structure in the Angkor Wat complex. 


Prasat Bayon a smaller complex near Angkor Wat, it is much older and on top of each of the towers is a uniquely carved face. These temples were amazing and you had complete access to all of it; more than a few times I would find myself completely lost in these complexes just wandering around.   


Mr. Ouk Vandeth on our walk through the mangroves after visiting the Koh Kong provential prison. 


Chanlina's mother Ouk Vandetha and Cambodian Interns Kimhong and Tola. She is holding a picture of her daughter who we are still trying get released from prison for being under the legal age of incarceration.  


Conference of legal aide providers


Book launch of "Introduction to Legislative Drafting References and Techniques"


View of Luang Prabang from atop Mount. Phousi.


Wat Xiang Thong


Kuang Si Waterfall. Hard to see but the falls continues a good bit further than the picture shows.