Almost There!

As the end of the summer nears, I am almost finished with my internship with ABA ROLI. A lot of things are changing—many of the interns who I have enjoyed working with so much are also finishing their work and heading home, and Simon announced he is leaving ROLI after 21 years to pursue independent consulting. Even though I only interned here for one summer, I can tell that the office will feel his loss. A few of my coworkers said he is the best boss they’ve ever had!

Because interns are wrapping up their working and leaving, we have been going to lunch and happy hour a lot to say goodbye to people. Maheshi, Annalisa, and I even went to the Renwick Gallery over the lunch hour to see their exhibits! My favorite pieces were some delicate glass sculptures and this colorful netting that was hung from the ceiling. Even though it was too dark to get a clear picture, it was beautiful in person.

Renwick Gallery

Aside from all of the fun activities, I’m wrapping up my work with ABA ROLI. I turned in my draft of the toolkit, and I’m continuing to work on the trafficking in persons survey. With so little time left, I need to rush to finish my projects and turn them in.