Scavenger Hunt at the Smithsonian

This week I’m continuing to work on the toolkit for implementing Sustainable Development Goal 16. The toolkit focuses on how civil society organizations can advocate with their governments to legally empower citizens and organizations to improve access to justice. I have been curious about a career in advocacy for a while now, so it’s been interesting to learn how to put together advocacy strategies in the context of international public interest law. What I have learned most in this project so far is that it’s important to do lots of research on the issue, and to make sure you have a broad base of support before beginning an advocacy campaign.

In addition to working on the toolkit, it’s been a fun week at ABA ROLI. We had a staff outing on Wednesday, and we all went to Hains Point for a picnic and outdoor games, then went on a scavenger hunt around the Smithsonian museums. My team successfully got 14 out of 15 tasks, which entailed snapping photos of monuments, sculptures, landscapes, and languages from ROLI countries, and completing trivia challenges in the Museum of Natural History, the Freer and Sackler Galleries, the Museum of African Art, and the Hirschorn Gallery. I hadn’t been to any of those museums yet, so I loved exploring more of DC and seeing all of the art! Oh, and we won!