Collaborating Across Borders

Reflecting Pool

This week, I have mostly been slaving over my memorandum. Unlike a law school memo, this project not only enourages but requires me to seek the help of others. The real world is collaborative, which is easy to forget under the pressure of law school. From our DC headquarters, I coordinated meetings and spoke with experts around the globe. Professors and professionals alike took time to help me with my research or put me in touch with someone who could help. It has been amazing to connect with these accomplished people. 

In addition to calling outside sources, I also connected with people within our beautiful building. USIP houses a tremendous amount of human talent. The collective knowledge of the staff covers almost every country and every topic on the the planet. I met with a Canadian lawyer who restructured the Bosnian judicary. I also met with a staff member with expertise in Egypt's legal field. I was also lucky enough to grab lunch with a William & Mary and CLSS alumna who now works at USIP. 

Besides the research, I am learning how to navigate the bureaucracy and the different aid organizations. Surprising to me, everyone is incredibly willing to help. In a meeting this Wednesday, the INPROL team discussed our project with someone from another governmental agency. The meeting produced great ideas and a list of contacts who would support us. Of course, it was a quid pro quo exchange, but I believe both parties left the meeting better off. Maybe it is because, despite the geographic seperations, we are all working to a common goal: world peace.

Next week, the Dalai Lama is coming!