Week Ten: Time to Say Goodbye

Sezibwa Falls

It is my last week in Uganda and I could not be more sad to leave. I have had so many great experiences over the last 10 weeks and I feel incredibly grateful for all that I have been able to see and do during my time here. 

As a final treat before leaving my roommates and I arranged a picnic at a Sezibwa Falls outside of Kampala on Sunday. We rented a matatu for the day, which is a large van that operates as a taxi in the city,  and drove out to the waterfall with 15 friends from Kampala. 

It was a picturesque day with the waterfall in the background and our large picnic blankets and food spread out across the park in front of it. We set up a grill to cook while some of our friends played Frisbee and lounged in the sun.  We also got to hike around the waterfall and the braver ones among us went swimming in the streams around the Falls. All in all it was a great way to say goodbye to Uganda and the friends that I have made here. 

At work Kiren and I have been busy saying our goodbyes to our co-workers at SAFE. I feel like I have learned so much from being with this group this summer and I am sad to leave now as they are gearing up for what my boss has called a “marathon training session” where they will spent the next six weeks doing conflict resolution and sensitization training work in high conflict areas in Western Uganda where violent disputes are on the rise. 

Although I cannot stay and see the project through with SAFE I am sure that I will be able to carry the things I have learned from Uganda and the SAFE project forward into my legal career.