Week Four: Fiscal Reports and Sports

Hello again!

Apologies for posting a day later than my usual, Lordy knows my regular readers were disappointed.

This week I worked primarily on the Bosnia fiscal report. We were able finalize the excel worksheet so that the final amounts would reconcile with the bank statements and the vouchers would appropriately show the transactions. After a lengthy meeting with accounting, the team finalized details of the pilot program to implement the new reporting system in June. Once Bosnia pilots and some details are addressed, the project will move to the next phase with four other NCSC projects.

I also began a new project focusing on the Costa Rican judiciary and their disciplinary proceedings. My research highlighted prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, and how the penal code handles the prohibited conduct. Most of the resources were in Spanish, which presented a bit of a challenge to my rusty Spanish language skills. Turns out “conversationally fluent” doesn’t translate to complicated legal jargon particularly well.

In the past week I’ve gone to both Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles games. Who knew I was such a baseball fanatic? Texas Rangers swept the Nats and Orioles had an impressive six home runs to win. More importantly though, it was Pups in the Park day in Washington and free hat day in Baltimore…