Week Six: Faces Pass

People of the internet, 

How is everyone doing this lovely afternoon of the pre-July-4th holiday weekend? I'm splendid, thank you for asking. 

My main assignment for the week focused on the NCSC Bangladesh project (which if you have been paying close attention I worked on at the beginning of the summer). For those of you who haven't been taking thorough notes, the Bangladesh project is a part of the USAID Justice for All Program. It is a five-year initiative that seeks to assist the government of Bangladesh to advance access to justice, gender equality, and legal empowerment. Much of the work focuses on ensuring avenues to courts  and making sure that citizens understand their legal options. Since I'm not in Bangaldesh, my work was much less hands on; I compiled and updated the annual USAID progress report for the thirteen pilot districts. Ninety pages later and I have crossed that off my assignment list for the week. 

I also began work on a the USAID-SAFE program in partnership with Youth Social Work Association (YSA) in Uganda. This project seeks to strengthen the capacity of informal land management structures to increase community awareness on land rights, laws, policies and peaceful mechanisms of land conflicts. The Uganda assignment aims to develop a framework to respond and resolve land related conflicts. I have been analyzing the reports and determining the best practices and most significant achievements of the project. It has been interesting to see the challenges that different projects face and that often the underlying goal is to promote the mass dissemination of legal information.

While on a run (brisk stroll) I came across a very patriotic performance on the mall. 

D.C. War Memorial (also from a run)

What else? This is the part of a blog where people begin bloviating their deep and meaningful ruminations on the meaning of life and their journey, but let's be honest you are primarily skimming this for the photos of the summer. So I shall summarize: DC is fun and I'm learning a lot this summer. 

Until next time (am I that interesting?),