Final Reflections

After 13 weeks, tomorrow is my last full day in The Hague.  I cannot help but feel sad after being here for 13 weeks.  While I have traveled quite a bit before this adventure, this is the longest I have been in another country.  It didn't feel like a quick trip where you live out of your suitcase for a week or two.  It eventually began to feel like home - somewhere I had established myself.  I had finally figured out my way around the city to the point that I could generally bike around and not have to use my phone GPS every 2-3 minutes.  I learned to could navigate the trams and trains fairly well, and I knew which restaurants I liked. The family that owns my favorite Lebanese restaurant hugged me goodbye at the end of the summer when they knew I was leaving.  Their falafel wraps were just that good... and it had become a lunch staple among fellow interns.

On my last day, my supervisor took me to tea to thank me for the work I had done.  She shared some helpful career advice, and she told me that if I was working at the tribunal in September, she would have had me doing much of the drafting for an upcoming appellate hearing.  I learned so much professionally, was utilized to the fullest extent, and was treated like one of the attorneys.  I was given great responsibility and autonomy on projects, which I am incredibly grateful for.

I cannot thank the Christopher Wren Association enough for supporting my funding for this endeavor.  It was a life-changing three months, and it made my career pursuits even more clear.  Even though I am not sure when, I will definitely be back here.