James Zaleski

James Zaleski

Open Development Cambodia (ODC)
Phnom Penh

Week Ten

Mission Accomplished: Finishing Projects and Saying Goodbye to Cambodia

Week Nine

Trust But Verify: Strengthening Scholarship With Citations

Week Eight

The Editing Process: Reviewing, Reflecting, and Revising

Week Seven

Internal Governance: The Importance of Clarity and Consistency

Week Six

Halftime: A Time for Presenting and Reflecting

Week Five

Statutory Interpretation: Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

Week Four

The Fair Use Doctrine: Incorporating Data in the Production of Derivative Works

Week Three

New Adventures: Exploring Kep and Intellectual Property Law

Week Two

Copyright Law and its Importance to Open Development Cambodia

Week One

Welcome to Cambodia: Exploring Phnom Penh and finalizing research topics