Week Eight

Chedi Luang

The end of my summer internship in Cambodia is rapidly approaching and I am beginning to feel the time crunch to finish my assignments. I will be giving a final presentation of my research during the week of 24 July! This week I have continued to write about the internal governance of the Open Development Mekong Network which has implications for Open Development Cambodia’s content production and presentation. At the beginning of the week, I consulted with senior ODC staff to refine the scope of my research regarding internal governance. We agreed that it was important to solicit feedback and inputs from other ODC stakeholders and Open Data Initiative members about these difficult governance questions. From these discussions with ODC staff, I synthesized a questionnaire with the major governance themes that are important to the ODC platform. The purpose of the questionnaire is to learn more about the history of the Open Data Initiative, current governance procedures of the ODM Network, and newfound perspectives on these issues.

While awaiting responses to these difficult question, I began the laborious process of editing my copyright assessment from the beginning. The assessment is currently 35,000 words and 111 pages long – a daunting amount of material to edit over the next few days. I have been adhering to the three R’s of the writing process: reviewing, reflecting, and revising. For the review process, I have been line editing and copyediting my work. The purpose of line editing is to evaluate the work altogether to ensure the work uses clear and fluid language throughout, and that the words strike the proper tone and precise meaning.  I am using the Chicago Manual of Style as the default writing style guide to promote clarity, consistency, and credibility in my assessment.  I also began the tedious process of copyediting my work. The purpose of copyediting is to address flaws from the work on a technical level to ensure it complies with industry writing standards.  Copyediting will: (1) correct grammar and punctuation, (2) ensure consistency in spelling, numerals, and capitalization, and (3) track internal consistency.  The last two Rs, reflecting and revising, are also important components of the writing process. As I approach the end of my work, I can evaluate the assessment in its totality and revise earlier sections of my paper. This process will take many days and I continue to clean up citations and revise my work while I await responses to my questionnaire.

Last week Lauren and I traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand. On Friday, we rented a motorbike and ventured up a mountain to visit the golden Wat Doi Suthep Temple! I was intrigued by the differences between the neighboring countries – Thailand is more developed, clean, and joyful. On Friday afternoon, we traveled to a national park to do some hiking and visit Monthathan Waterfall. On Saturday, we visited Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang which were located close to our hostel in the old city. We also walked through the giant Night Market where vendors were selling all different goods and foods! I am appreciative of this cultural experience and I look forward to discovering new parts of Asia!

Doi Suthep

Monathan Waterfall