Week Nine

Perdana Botantical Gardens

The end of my time in Cambodia is rapidly approaching – one week to go!  My work has taken on a brisk pace as I try to complete all my work assignments before the end of July. I am still awaiting responses from various stakeholders for my governance questionnaire so I have been unable to complete the internal copyright section of my assessment. I will have to be mindful of my time as I finish the section next week. However, I did finish copyediting and line editing my research thus far and I have begun the process of cleaning up my citations. Citations are beneficial to both readers and writers. First, citations empower the inquisitive reader to identify the document to which the writer is referring, provide the reader with sufficient information to find the document, and offer additional information to highlight its connection to the writer’s argument.  Citations are beneficial to writers because citations are records that the author’s works are legitimate, well-researched, and grounded in verifiable facts and data. This is an important challenge in this technologically driven age as new communications platforms have made it easier for persons to publish information without fact checking or editorial judgement.

Proper citations help to solidify ODC’s role as an important stakeholder in Cambodia’s development as an objective and credible information publisher. As a derivative content producer, ODC is mindful of citations and properly accredits all its content. As an information publisher, ODC requires that academics, government, and NGOs properly cite ODC’s content. The ODC editor-researcher team monitors government reports, newspaper articles, and academic papers for ODC content citations. The ODC citation count is an important statistic for donors as it informs them: (1) Who is using the platform? and (2) What content do users value? Citations are tangible proof that ODC’s platform is contributing real value to the development of Cambodia and is a testament to the hard work of the entire ODC staff. I have incorporated a diverse set of sources in my copyright assessment to include: Statutes, Treatises, Case Law, Law Review Articles, International Treaties, Blog Posts, and News Articles. I have used both the Bluebook and the Chicago Manual of Style to document and cite my sources.

This week, I had the privilege to participate in the grant writing process and assist the ODC executive director in strengthening the financial outlook of ODC. ODC derives no revenue from its online platform and it relies on financial grants from government, businesses, and NGOs for its operations. I have appreciated learning about the nuances of grant writing and the financial structure of NGOs. I hope my work will help ODC win more grants and become financially secure.

Petronas Towers

Last weekend, Lauren and I traveled to the capital city of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur! KL is a beautiful modern and multicultural city of over seven million people. KL is a shining example of multiculturalism and how people of different races, ethnicities, and religions can all co-exist. On Saturday, we took the high-speed train to the Batu Caves, Petronas Towers, Chinatown, and Little India. On Sunday, we visited the Petronas Botanical Gardens and the National Mosque of Malaysia. I appreciate the cultural diversity and I continue to be amazed by Southeast Asia.

Batu Caves

 Thean Hou Temple