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Maddie Ball

Maddie Ball is originally from Dallas, Texas. She received her B.A. from Cornell College in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. While in college, Maddie worked as a peer writing consultant, providing individualized essay tutoring to fellow students. She also worked as a research assistant in the Cornell College Chemistry Department, researching the effects of resveratrol, a naturally occurring molecule in red wine, on the electrochemical properties of cell membranes. After graduating college, Maddie moved back to Dallas and worked as a exhibit educator in the Perot Museum of Nature and Science where she spoke to over 200 museum guests each day, explaining primarily vertebrate paleontology and astrophysics. 
Maddie will spend the summer working for Open Development Cambodia, an organization located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. ODC aims to provide the public up-to-date, accurate information about Cambodia and its social and economic development. By contributing to transparency in both public and private sectors by providing freely available open data, ODC hopes to benefit all aspects of Cambodian society. The organization does not promote any particular perspective or agenda beyond ensuring that data in the public domain is readily available to all.