Business Law Clinic

Up to eight 2L or 3L students each semester will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a variety of legal issues that affect businesses on a daily basis and to be able, under the guidance of the clinic instructor, to advise for-profit or not-for-profit small Virginia businesses without existing legal counsel on corporate operations, policies, and procedures, as well as to propose solutions to clients’ specific legal problems. Students will gain exposure to the practical impacts of legal advice on the conduct of business and the value of general business acumen in providing comprehensive counsel, and will have the opportunity to interact directly with clients and gain appreciation for their concerns as well as for their various communication styles and approaches to running a company. Students will influence clients’ perceptions of the necessity for good legal advice and the benefits that advice can yield for the smooth conduct of business. They will also be introduced to best practices in self-branding and professional communications. Content of clinic advising will include a comprehensive review of legal documents; case-by-case consultation for problems or disputes in various corporate areas; and executive and employee education in various legal issues. The clinic will include a seminar that meets twice weekly, with accompanying supervision meetings. Students will be provided a letter grade based on their assigned work throughout the semester, which is anticipated to be a combination of document review, revision and drafting; client communication and interface; and issue review and recommendation. Pre-requisites include Corporations or Business Associations; other business law courses desirable but not required.