Our Services

The PELE Clinic provides Legal Advice and Representation in the following areas:

Special Education:
  • Identification and eligibility for students with disabilities who need special education;
  • Evaluation and testing of students with disabilities, including the parent’s right to an independent evaluation;
  • IEP meetings concerning goals and services for students with disabilities;
  • Creation of appropriate Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans;
  • Appropriate placement for students with disabilites.
  • Representation at administrative hearings, such as Due Process Hearings and Mediation hearings to resolve disputes with the school system regarding special education services;
  • School discipline issues, including Manifestation Determination Reviews;

Other Issues:

  • Out-of-Zone Transfer Requests and school enrollment for students with disabilites.
  • Transition Services Assistance and Advocacy for students with disabilites.