VCPC Reports & Collaborative Documents

VCPC Reports and Collaborative Documents


Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding


These papers discuss current and future ideas for adapting to sea-level rise and recurrent flooding in Virginia, detailing legal frameworks and paths to a more resilient coastline, as well as the economic costs associated with a lack of planning:

These papers discuss how localities can best work within the National Flood Insurance Program and the Community Rating System to lower flood insurance rates within their communities:

Collaborative Report: 

Funding Resilience 
Shoreline Management and Riparian Rights


These papers focus on the statutory and regulatory frameworks associated with shoreline management and riparian property rights:

Water Quality and Ecosystem Science


These papers discuss the impacts of sea level rise and recurrent flooding on water quality and quantity, and analyze the ability of current laws, regulations, and policies to protect water quality and water supply: 

Social Vulnerability and Environmental Justice


These papers discuss the concept of social vulnerability to recurrent flooding from extreme weather events and sea-level rise:

Collaborative Report:

State and Local Governments: Authority and Liability


These papers analyze the authority for and potential liability of state and local government to take action to address the impacts of sea level rise and recurrent flooding: 

Collaborative Report: 

Resilient Coastal Economies and Aquaculture


Collaborative Report: 

  • The Virginia Coastal Policy Center at William & Mary Law School, National Sea Grant Law Center, Rhode Island Sea Grant Legal Program (Roger Williams University School of Law), Carl Vinson Institute of Government (University of Georgia), and California Sea Grant Program collaborated on a project to examine impediments to shellfish aquaculture across the United States. This project resulted in  Case Studies and an associated Story Map.
Offshore Uses and Ocean Planning


These papers examine opportunities, legal questions, and policy pathways for expanding use of ocean resources: 



  • The Quick Guide to Resilience, a tool developed by VCPC to create an easy reference for localities regarding resilience issues.


  • See generally the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency, a collaboration of faculty, staff, and students at Old Dominion University, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, and the Virginia Coastal Policy Center at William & Mary Law School.
  • See generally The Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tool (RAFT), a partnership between The Institute for Engagement & Negotiation at the University of Virginia, the Virginia Coastal Policy Center at William & Mary Law School, and Old Dominion University/Virginia Sea Grant Climate Adaptation and Resilience Program.