“The Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission (MPPDC) exists to serve the needs of the 9 member localities forming the Commission and as such is often asked to study and research complicated public policy problems and emerging coastal zone management issues. MPPDC relies on VCPC to help analyze complex environmental policy and land use issues. VCPC has provided the MPPDC with new opportunities to collaborate and as a result has helped to guide and improve decision making at the local and regional level.”

-Lewis Lawrence, Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission, Executive Director

"Nansemond River Preservation Alliance’s members are active in the community educating citizens to be environmental stewards. Members access the internet for information and guidance and discovered that most of the available information is very basic, lacks an in-depth critical analysis and seldom includes a legal perspective. VCPC Fellows conduct extensive research on issues and topics that are very important to the preservation of our waterways. The Center’s research and findings contribute to the environmental discussion and fill a void.”

-Elizabeth Taraski, Nansemond River Preservation Alliance, Executive Director

"Working at the grassroots, local government level, we value the Virginia Coastal Policy Center's work. It moves Virginia's adaptation efforts ahead by providing high quality, Virginia-specific legal analysis needed to solve the challenges Virginia's communities face in the coming years and decades as we deal with the impacts of sea level rise."

-Skip Stiles, Wetlands Watch, Executive Director

"VCPC was really a capstone for my whole - not just legal - education. The center was a chance to learn about the latest science, the policy process, media relations, and more, and then apply these lessons in a local legal context. With the very issues we worked on appearing in the news frequently, I expect my time at the center to continue opening interesting doors throughout my career."

-Alex Horning ’13

“The region and entire Commonwealth is fortunate to have such a renowned resource as William and Mary Law School’s Virginia Coastal Policy Center. Through our work with the Secure Commonwealth Panel, it has been my pleasure to experience firsthand the professional, beneficial and timely products they are able to provide. I look forward to continuing a fruitful partnership with Center well into the future.”

-Jim Redick, Norfolk Emergency Preparedness and Response, Director